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Cloud strategy
Every cloud experience in unique, and our consulting services can help you understand the best way to benefit from moving your infrastructure to the cloud being able to steadily grow and scale your business while having to cover costs of only resources you consume. We can help you to define and implement your could strategy whether you are sophisticated user or only considering to move.

Our extensive expertise in implementing and managing public, private and hybrid cloud environments leads to lower risks, cost effective solutions and your maximum performance.
Cloud Migration

Migrations are only the beginning when it comes to your business taking advantage of the cloud. Whatever your business case may be, we'll help define your cloud roadmap, plan and execute your migration to the cloud, then work with you to take advantage of your new cloud-based solutions.

Your business-critical applications and databases may need operational support, re-platforming or re-architecting. Or you may be working with difficult data and analytics use cases, with massive data volumes, many data pipelines, or complex environments. Regardless of your reason to migrating to the cloud, our wide range of expertise means you have access to support before, during and after your cloud migration.
DevOps Consulting Services
We develop strategy, conception and ideology of the project, offer you a city-planning idea, create zones planning schemes, create a full project plan.
It is an ideal solution for those who view DevOps as an essential yet somewhat supplementary tool for getting to primary business goals.
DevSecOps Consulting Services
We offer eBPF integration services into new and existing projects for better observability and migration of malicious activity.
Managed Kubernetes
Kubernetes is orchestration tool allowing business with large investments to containers to run and manage their workloads quickly and efficiently. You do not need to understand what Kubernetes is- our experts will provide you with simple explanations and qualified execution. And, as usual, we support our services after we complete.
High Load
Do you have any idea what high load is?If you deploy a web solution on AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform, you're maintaining a high load architecture. We develop architecture and optimise new and existing web sites and applications for our clients. Our experience based solutions help our client to perform their best and we are proud to say that one of our projects took 17th place in alexa.com rating with 300+ millions of page views per month.
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