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For Pravda.com.ua
Business need:
While revolution 2014 – Euromaidan took place we needed a pure and safe news media resource that would be resistible to high load to become a reliable source of information for Ukrainians within the country and around the world.
we used integrated technologies NGINX, HAPROXY, VARNISH,REDIS, MYSQL. to develop pravda.com.ua
news media portal, that took 17h place in the world rating alex.com among news resources with the load of 300 mio pages per months We continue our partnership with them providing our technical support and advisory activity with future development.

For the Kyiv City/Call Way
Business need:
"Online conference"- its a dedicated web page with main stage streaming, chat and webinars for separate groups of users.
We applied AWS Cloud front, lambda, DynamoDB services to provide sustainable work of all services of this conference.

PartySons Creative
For the Ukrsib
Business need:
Kyiv city is million people place with lots of multi-storey buildings left in Ukraine after soviet era. The system of elevator operation was manual and executed with a help of many people at the same time. As a part of digitalisation process we offered a project of automation of city elevator system. We executed a part of this project as developers of fault-tolerant high load resistant and secure architecture.
This project is realised together with CallWay company. We helped the project by building distributed fault tolerant private cloud.
Unified and constantly operated elevator operation system in Kyiv. Today near 70 percent of houses merged in one digital network that allows to monitor technical condition of inventory and passenger to dispatcher communication. As the result we delivered a value of 100% zero penalty SLA complience achieved for 5 years uptime.

For the Worksection
Business need:
Worksection is a startup SAAS product company, that develops project management and business management tools.

Company was happy with their processes for a volume of business they had at that moment, but raised fast and realised that they need to speed up their processes, understanding their need for a more mature approach for an application development.

So, the company was looking for best practices of project delivery and deployment .

We marked the task as: to built the process using best practices the way that will help to reduce time to market ratio, reduce information infrastructure costs and to optimize software development process.
We helped them to divide their monolithic application into micro services and wrapped them to docker containers. We've integrated s3-compatible fault tolerant storage to facilitate subsequent cloud migration.
As the result the company had time to market value reduction.
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