We work over 12 years to deliver best DevOps practices to your business, taking care on every technical detail
The Company is focused solely on DevOps practices to provide permanently qualified services, develop and support true expertise in this field.

Nocservice is the company that successfully provide services in cloud computing industry. We have extensive experience in execution of DevOps practices and believe that outsourced DevOps partner may become a part of project family.
Our main values are trusted business relations and reputation that is paired well with our 20 years of professional experience and becomes an ability to take effective decisions and be loyal with our clients.
Highly skilled staff and multilevel system business approach of management partners helps to find solutions that exceed clients expectation.

We help our client to rich success and find it as our best benefit.
Public speaking:
2016 - BSides Odessa - Anatomy of outsourced DDoS mitigation service.

2016 - DevPoint - Architecture of www.pravda.com.ua. How we survived 100x load increase and became N17 news web site in the world.

2017 - BSides Odessa - All your metadata belong to us. A talk about DPI and why powerful entities - governments, corporations and service providers - fight for YOUR metadata , 1984 style.

2017 - UISGCON - Mirai, the first botnet, that does not suck. Detailed analysis of Mirai botnet architecture and attack capabilities.

2018 - BSides Kyiv spring - Evil Inside, A brief history of hardware CPU bugs.

2018 - DevPoint - What I've learned while serving 150K of http requests per second.

2018 - BSides Odessa - Bypassing DPI for fun and no profit.

2018 - Bsides Kyiv Autumn - Dude, where is my DNS? A talk based on investigation of attempted attack on a critical infrastructure object. With Alexey Boranovskiy.

2020 - CyberSchool - A talk on Cisco Netflow technology.

2020 - Security Bsides Ukraine - eBPF, a VM inside the Linux Kernel

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