They called them Gurus. We call them partners

Serhii Smitiienko
Managinng partner
Serhii solely is one of the most experienced professionals in IT market in Ukraine. He worked as developer, architect and operations. As developer he contributed to different open source projects including Linux kernel and OpenBSD operating system, ClavAV open source antivirus. During his professional experience he managed different projects with many teams and clearly understands what is needed to be efficient delivering results.

Serhii believes in leadership based management, that means he leads his team by own example and interested first of all to discover talent of every member. He studied in Kyiv National Technical university, but his true interest to IT and real technical experience started in 1995, when he was invited by a team of enthusiasts to develop a project of building internet in Ukraine. Serhii is well known as professional architect and cybersecurity specialist and kindly invited to a club of architects as a speaker.

Serhii's industrial background includes working with Media and Telecom and extensive experience working with startups and outsourcing companies. He delivered over 50 successful projects with his team, in-house and outstaff and continue to work on his track record.

Serhii is extensive user of DevOps technologies and he became that happy person who made successful business of his hobby.
He plays chess from childhood and loves to perform jazz on piano.


partner, CEO
Andrii is partner in Nocservice LLC and holds a position of CTO with the company. He started gaining technical expertise from his graduation in 2001 from Kyiv Technical University of Ukraine as professional engineer.

Starting with Zerkalo Nedeli media on a position of system administrator specialist , he extended his industrial experience with main media business players in Ukrainian market unless he joined Nocservice and put all his media Industry experience on the table. Together with his partner they launched one of the most successful online Media projects in Ukraine which took 17th place in rating due to its high load resistance.

Today Andrii is true senior qualified specialist with over 10 years of experience with the following technologies:
OS: Windows Server Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, IIS WSUS, Files servers, Group policy etc. Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, FreeBSD;
Services/Languages: Apache, Nginx, haproxy, PHP, Phyton, bash, iptables, Samba etc.
Virtualization/Containerization: Proxmox, Hyper-V, KVM, LXC/LXD, Docker Cloud Technologies: AWS, Google Cloud, Hetzner Cloud, Digital Ocean;
DevOPS technologies: Docker, Ansible, Jenkins, Git, Chef. Managing networks infrastructure: wireless access points (UBNT, MIKROTIK, D-LINK), switches, routers(UBNT,MIKROTIK,CISCO,D-LINK), vpn (openvpn, windows routing and ras, mikrotik).

In love with details and agile at heart he is passionate about new bright projects, travel and sport bike riding
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